5th Grade is fundraising this year to help GHSC to resurface the Guadalupe Track! We want to stop the dust storm at all school events, such as the Walkathon and the Halloween Parade.

Our bid to resurface the track with the current Gold Fines used on the track is just shy of $20,000.

5th Grade has already raised over $7,000 in direct donations to class gifts to create the Track Resurface Fund. Every donation will get us closer to having the track ready for the 24/25 school year. HELP US END THE DUST STORM!

Does your employer offer a matching program? You can double your donation by submitting your donation employers matching program, just head over to GHSC.NET/MATCHING to submit your donation email confirmation to your matching program.

Your donation is tax-exempt and can be claimed in your taxes. Your email confirmation can be used for tax purposes.