Setup Your Walkathon Donation Page


  • OnlineEach student has a donation pledge page through GHSC Toolkit. Please note donations made through your Company Matching Program will take 10-20 business days to update on your student donation site.
  • Direct Donations through Company Matching: Friends and Family can also make their direct donations through Company Matching programs and double their donation! It’s important to instruct them to make their direct donation to “Guadalupe Home and School Club”. Please note that donations made through your Company Matching Program will take 10-20+ business days to update on your student donation site. We have partnered with Double Your Donation to make the matching process easier as a donor.
  • Company Matching Amounts are not counted towards prizesThese generous programs are integral to our fundraising drive but unfortunately cannot be applied towards your student’s awards/incentives due to equity, company processing timelines, and varying company matching “direct benefit” parameters.
  • Donation URL to QR Code: We recommend using a free QR code generator site like, or to create and print a QR code for your dedicated URL.

Setting up your WALKATHON Donation Page is pretty easy. Here is a step by step guide to set up your donation page. Your donation page is specific to your student. Family, friends and neighbors can make a donation without having to create a toolkit login. Toolkit uses STRIPE for processing and your donors donations using a credit card to make donations.



  • Donation Deadline: Final Day to Promote Your Students’ Personal Donor Page is FRIDAY, OCTOBER 13th, 2023.  Remember…every pledge, large or small, will help us get closer to our goal!


Step 1When you ask someone to sponsor you, tell them who you are, that you are raising money for your school, and how they can help. You might say,

“Hello my name is ___________ and I go to school at Guadalupe Elementary. I am raising money for my school by participating in a Walkathon on Wednesday, October 20th at my school. Would you like to sponsor me?”

Step 2 – Explain that the sponsorship is a single donation, and not based on laps or minutes walked and that their donation is tax-deductible. 

Step 3 – Show your sponsor your QR Code to scan with their phone.  

Step 4 – Most importantly, always, always, always remember to say “Thank you!!”