5th Grade Activities & Events

Each year, 5th Grade is made extra special with special opportunities for 5th graders to celebrate their last year on campus!

5th Grade Calendar

  • 8/16 @ 7PM ~ Sno-Cone Night Cap @ Guad
  • 8/25 ~ Questionnaire Deadline
  • 10/13 ~ 5th Grade Sponsored Family Movie Night @ Guad
  • 10/13 ~ Marketplace Application Due
  • 12/12-15 ~ 5th Grade Science Camp
  • 5/29-6/3 ~ Whiffle Ball Tournament
  • 6/4 ~ 5th Grade Pool Party (sunscreen, swimsuit, towel and water bottle)
  • 6/7 8:30AM ~ Promotion Ceremony
  • 6/7 10:00AM ~ After-Ceremony 5th Grade Celebration in the cafeteria.

Science Camp Fundraising

5th Grade will be hosting a fundraiser in late November for students to raise money towards their Science Camp Fee. Visit the Marketplace page for more information.

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5th Grade Yearbook Ads

5th Grade Baby Yearbook Pages

5th Grade Congrats Signs

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5th Grade Pool Party

This special event is held on the last Tuesday of the school year. This event does need parent donations to be a success. Your student must submit the Permission and Liability Forms by Friday, 6/2. Otherwise, they will remain on campus. Volunteer signups will be provided in the May edition of the 5th Grade Email Update.

Pool Party – What to Expect Flyer

Whiffle Ball Tournement

The 5th Grade Whiffle Ball Tournament is a long tradition for the whole school. 5th Grades battle it out over 4 days, and the money raised at the concession stand helps students to attend Science Camp in the upcoming school year. When May hits, ask your student how the tournament is going!

We are looking for a parent to help run the concession stand during school hours. Other volunteers will be recruited. Interested? Please get in touch with [email protected].

Promotion Ceremony (Last Day of School)

The Guadalupe Promotion Ceremony will be held on the last day of school. Here are a few pieces of information about this special event.

  • All 5th Graders should arrive by 8:15 AM and report to their classroom. 
  • The ceremony will be held on the upper track. Chairs are set up for guests. GHSC provides two chairs per family. If you have more than two guests, please bring extra chairs.
  • Parents are welcome to reserve seats starting at 8:00 AM. Please do not remove the reserved seating signs from the front row seats.
  • Parents and Guests should check into the front office before heading to the track area.
  • 5th Graders will arrive on the track for the ceremony shortly after 8:45 AM. Each class will procession and accept their certificates from the Principal and then hang out on the blacktop till the end of the ceremony. 
  • We ask parents to please remain seated till the end of the ceremony out of respect for all the students. Getting up to take photos at the blacktop during the ceremony creates a distraction.
  • After the ceremony, parents are invited to take photos with the CONGRATS sign and then join the After-Ceremony Celebration in the Cafeteria. Cake and drinks will be served to all guests.
  • Following the celebration, parents can sign out their students on the check-out sheets provided on a table in front of the school. 
  • Students who must remain on campus must make arrangements with Extended Care for the remainder of the day. 5th Grade Teachers cannot host a class for the remainder of the day.

5th Grade Science Camp

Guadalupe’s 5th graders will be attending Camp Campbell Science Program from 12/12 to 12/15 this year. Your student will get spend three nights at camp, exploring science that surrounds Camp Campbell up in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Teachers will be sending home Science Camp information by mid-November. The packet your student is sent home with, will need to be completed, and their Science Camp fee paid, before they attend Science Camp. Parent can pay the Science Camp Fee on GHSC.NET/TOOLKIT Store.

Science Camp fee information will be made available in the second edition of the 5th Grade Email Update going out in early September. If you need financial assistance with the Camp Fee, please reach out to Daisy Barocio [email protected] as soon as possible to discuss how she can help. Check back soon about detailed fee info.

Science Camp Fundraiser will be the 5th Grade Marketplace. For more information about this fundraiser. Please visit GHSC.NET/5thMarketplace.