Traffic & Pedestrian Guidelines

The Traffic Safety has created the following guidelines to tackle problems we have seen during Drop-Off and Pick-up times. Please note that all drop-off and pick-up zones are AIRPORT-STYLE Traffic. Always pull forward, and students must exit (on their own) along the curb. If you would like to help with the Traffic Safety Team and improve and promote safety, please signup for a TRAFFIC SAFETY SHIFT or email our Traffic Safety Chair ( )


NO PARKING in Drop-Off/Pick-up Zones: We are aware the city signs are not current. Please drop off students along the Vera Cruz curb next to the track fence, or pull into the front parking lot circle.

PULL FORWARD when entering Drop-off/Pick-up Zones.

RED CURBS: Please do not park or stop along a painted red curb, it’s dangerous and illegal.

DOUBLE PARKING: Please do not double park your car for drop-off or pick-up. Your student should enter and exit the car at the CURB ONLY. 


CROSSWALKS: All students must use the CROSSWALK at all times. Traffic Safety stresses this because someday, your student will be walking home or to your car on their own.

STOP SIGNS: Please notice the Vera Cruz/Puerta Vallarta intersection has 3 stop signs.

JAYWALKING: Cutting across Vera Cruz or Puerta Vallart is JAYWALKING, which is illegal in California. Please teach your student pedestrian habit by using the cross walk at all times.


EXIT PASSENGER SIDE ALWAYS: Students should exit a vehicle on the passenger/curbside ONLY.

BACKPACKS WITH STUDENTS: Please have backpacks sitting with your student. Please do not place them in the trunk. Parents need to remain in the car.

PARENTS REMAIN IN CAR WHEN USING TRAFFIC LINE: Parents, please remain in the car. Please make necessary adjustments for your student to exit the car on their own. If you need to assist your student to exit the car, please park and walk your student.


NEIGHBOR DRIVEWAYS: Do not obstruct any driveway when parking or dropping off your student. Students should always be dropped off curbside and a driveway does not have a curb.

U-TURNS USING DRIVEWAYS: Parents, please do not use neighbors’ driveways to make u-turns on Vera Cruz & Puerta Vallarta. We have seen too many near misses between cars when illegal three point turns are attempted.


LEFT TURN @ VC & PUERTA: Avoid the traffic on Vera Cruz by making a left hand turn at the intersection of Vera Cruz and Puerta Vallarta. (see diagram below)

NO U-TURNS: Please do not perform u-turns on Coleman Drive/Vera Cruz Drive or 3 way intersection at all times.

STOP @ STOP SIGNS: Parents, please STOP at ALL stop signs, including the crossing guard sign. Traffic team members will not motion/direct traffic.


PARKING LOT EXIT: Do not use the EXIT as an entrance. This includes staff.

NO LEFT-HAND TURNS INTO PARKING LOT ENTRANCE: Left-hand turns are prohibited during Drop-Off & Pick-up times. A sign is posted at the parking lot entrance but does not the include current schedule. To change these signs is difficult and we are working hard to get them updated.


DROPPING OFF: Coleman is now a parking zone, please do not drop off or pick up your student along Coleman. We no longer will have staff or traffic safety team to ensure the safety of students along Coleman.

REDUCE YOUR SPEED: Help Guadalupe reduce speeding along with Coleman; please reduce your speed to 25MPH two blocks away from the school.


WALK KINDERS TO GATE: Kinder Parents, please walk your student to the KINDER GATE for drop-off and pick-up at the Kinder Gate every day. Please do not pull into the parking lot drop-off/pick-up line and have your student run to/from your car or get out of/leave your car parked in the car line. Please park your car in the neighborhood.

JAYWALKING: Jaywalking is illegal, please teach your student to use the crosswalk at all times.


YIELD TO CROSSING GUARD: Always follow the crossing guard’s signs when they are standing in the intersection or crosswalk.

PEDESTRIANS IN CROSSWALKS: CARS should never cross any crosswalk when a pedestrian or crossing guard is present in the crosswalk or when the Crossing Guard is displaying a stop sign.


Traffic in the morning can be crazy on the lower end of Vera Cruz. There are 3 ways to skip the traffic by simply


GREEN: Need to head back to Coleman in a hurry, turn left on Puerta Vallarta and then turn right onto Via Madero, which will drop out onto Coleman.

BLUE: Taking Puerta Vallarta up to Camden is always the fastest route. The light at Coleman and Camden is always backed up during the morning and even afternoons.

PINK: To get back to Redmond during the mornings and afternoons is easier using Puerta Vallarta and then making a left turn on Via Modero and another left Montellano, which will take you to Monteverde. A left turn on Monteverde is a clear shot to Redmond.


Want to beat the speeding traffic and not block Vera Cruz traffic?

In the middle of COLEMAN DRIVE, there is a TURN LANE (shown highlighted in yellow above) that can be used to merge into oncoming traffic. Trying to time entry into the two-way traffic can be timely and scary at times. The middle turn lane gives you a better option to merge with traffic. Using this also alleviates cars backing up on Vera Cruz.

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