School Kits by SchoolKidz

Every year, Guadalupe partners with, to provide parents the opportunity to stock up on school supplies before the school year even begins. Here is the breakdown of the School Kit process, which includes how to order your School Kit.

  • Building Your Kit – Teachers from each grade work with SchoolKidz to create the supply list for the upcoming school year. The kits are organized by grade. Some teachers may have extra items they will ask for parents to provide on or around Back-to-School night.
  • ORDER YOUR KIT – Ordering your kit is easy,
  • Next Years Grade: Make sure when selecting your student’s grade, that you choosing the grade they will be in next Fall. (Not their current grade)
  • Shipping – SchoolKidz will ship your School Kit directly to Guadalupe.
  • Delivery – When the kits arrive at school, they will be delivered to your student’s classrooms for them to unpack. Most teachers keep the items stored at school; some teachers may send a few items home, like the box.
  • DEADLINE TO ORDER 21/22 Year Kits HAS PASSED. Coming soon, we will provide grade specific supply lists here, and parents can order a-la-carte on SchoolKidz Please check back on 8/1/21 for a complete list for each grade.
  • HELP ANOTHER STUDENT – Parents are welcome to order an additional School Kit for your student’s grade, to help a family in need. In the student name field, simply enter DONATION KIT. The kit will be given to student in the grade ordered. (OFFER EXPIRED)
  • Not sure you ordered yet? Orders started on 4/30/21. Visit Schoolkidz TRACK MY ORDER PAGE

If you have questions about School Kits or are having issues ordering your kits. Please email