School Site Council Task Force

Principal Jone has asked the Guadalupe Site Council to help gather data on the needs and concerns with reopening Guadalupe Campus to students in the 20/21 school year.

The Guadalupe Site Council is a team of 4 parents, 4 teachers, 1 classified staff member and the principal, who meet 4 times a year, mandated by law and tasked with providing oversight of our School Plans (Safety, Achievement, English Learners), the budget, curriculum, and more. 

Task Force Mission: The School Site Council (SSC) is tasked to help facilitate the data and guidelines from the Union school district in regards to the opening of the Guadalupe Campus in the 20/21 school year. Our goal is to have a multi-tier solution available for future changes passed down from the county or district.

SSC Task Force is open to all parents at Guadalupe Elementary.

Duties include: 3 Zoom Meetings, Read over documentation provided by the district, county and other key organization in regards to campus safety and routines during and after school hours. Help identifying missing items or ask questions.

If you are interested in joining the SSC Task Force or have questions, please email Brian Holloman-Kincaid <>.


Below are updates from the SSC Task Force and meeting information.

1st Task Force Meeting

This meeting was on 6/10 @ 8PM via Zoom

Agenda: The Zoom meeting covered the Guadalupe Reopening Items Spreadsheet. The spreadsheet was updated and sent over to the district make sure all of Guadalupe needs are covered with the District Reopening Plan.

2nd SSC Task Force Meeting

This meeting was 7/2 @ 8PM via Zoom

Agenda: The Zoom meeting was an overview of the Santa Clara County Reopen Guidelines. The discussion also touched on Stable Cohort idea and need for donation items like PPE’s.

3rd SSC Task Force Meeting

This meeting is scheduling is 9/10 via Zoom (to join see above)

Agenda: Union SD is moving forward with reopening under the guidelines by the California Department of Public Health issue on 8/25/20. One on one Student/Teacher and 2-3 Small Cohorts of 12 students are targeted to return to campus.