Guadalupe Community Meeting

The Guadalupe Home and School Club started the Guadalupe Community Meeting during the Shelter in Place of 2020. The group was created by GHSC to provide parents an outlet to talk with other parents. The Guadalupe principal and staff attend these meetings and periodically provide updates on various school-related topics.

This meeting is not connected with GHSC Board Activities.

Meeting Schedule

Dates Coming Soon

these dates are also listed on GHSC CALENDAR

Join us via Zoom:

If you are not able to attend, feel free to email your questions to be raised to one of the meeting moderators –> PARENTGROUP.GHSC@GMAIL.COM

Community Meetings Updates

Below are the email updates provided after each Parent Community Meeting. These updates are sent to all parents and staff of Guadalupe.

2020/2021 Year

2019/2020 Year

If you are interested in helping our moderators with these meetings. Please contact them via email —> PARENTGROUP.GHSC@GMAIL.COM