GHSC Traffic Safety Team

Traffic Safety at Guadalupe is a critical issue to keep Guadalupe students safe. The GHSC has had a Traffic Safety Team for several years now, and we are always in need of Guadalupe parent volunteers to help keep students safe. We have provided a few important links below to signup as Crossing Guard and report problems or make suggestions. If you have any questions regarding the responsibilities or schedule, please contact our Traffic Safety Team Leader, Maryam Sheybani (

Become a Crossing Guard on the Traffic Safety Team

Crossing Guard is a relatively easy job, and the shifts are super short. Guadalupe’s parents, grandparents or even your middle school, or high school student can signup for a shift. Head over to the SIGNUP sheet below and fill up a spot with your name and email address. The Lead will contact you with a welcome email.


Reporting Problems to City & Police

All Guadalupe parents are an extension of our team, and we need your help to make the city and Police department aware of some of the problems we witness around our campus. One significant problem right now is SPEEDING ALONG COLEMAN DRIVE. If you have a free 5 minutes. Parents can submit an online request for the Police Department to come out and monitor the area. Or, if you have a suggestion to improve traffic problems around the campus, we invite you to submit an engineering survey request to the city of San Jose. Click on the link provided and fill out the forms with your request or suggestions.

Traffic Team Member Guidelines

Below are the Guidelines for our Traffic Safety Members. If you have any questions about the guidelines or need to report a problem you see during your shift. Please contact the Traffic Safety Team Lead via email (


Whether the student is walking alone or with a parent, they should be using the crosswalk at all times. If parents question you, remind them that their students will be walking alone one day, and teaching the best choices is more important than getting on to campus before the bell.


Be sure parents do not park along the track fence line on Vera Cruz between drop-off and pick-up times and in the red zones along Vera Cruz Drive. If a car is parked in either location, please call the office (408) 268-1030 and tell them the make and color of the car. An announcement will be made over the loudspeaker. If you are present when the driver returns, please ask them to park out in the neighborhood next time.


Kinder students are required to be dropped off and picked up IN PERSON DAILY. Parents are not allowed to pull into the parking lot and park in the line cars. ASK the parent to park and walk their student to the gate or park and wait at the gate to pick up their student.


It’s crucial to hold up your STOP SIGN whenever students or parents enter any crosswalk. Be sure to stand in the middle of the crosswalk to be more visible to cars, or stand in the middle of the Vera Cruz/Puerta Vallarta intersection to stop all 3-way traffic. Cars are not allowed to cross a crosswalk until pedestrians have crossed and your sign is down, and you are safely out of traffic. Any car that is not respecting your sign should be reported to the Traffic Safety Team Lead (see email above).


The new parking lot on the backside of the track is for Staff Only. Parents are welcome to park in the front parking lot if spaces are available.


Parents who are dropping their students off in their car should remain in the car at all times. Suppose the parent is assisting a student in taking out a bag or open a door. Ask them next time to let their students exit the car on their own.

If you have any issue arise or need assistance, please contact the Traffic Safety Team Lead