Shutterfly Grade Sites

Shutterfly was hinting at END of LIFE of Share Sites for over three years now. This means, by March of 2023 all Share Sites will only be accessible by the user who created the site. GHSC is currently working out an alternative solution for these sites. If you have advice, please do share with If you have photos you would like to share, please head over to GHSC.NET/PHOTOS to upload your photos.

The links below are still active. But for a limited time. All of the data on the sites is being recovered in prepartion for a new solution to grade sites. Thank you for help with these sites the last four years.

 Links to Alumni sites can be found here!



KINDER (All Classes)

FIRST GRADE (All Classes)

SECOND GRADE (All Classes)

THIRD GRADE (All Classes)

FOURTH GRADE (All Classes)

FIFTH GRADE (All Classes)