Reimbursement & Payment Request

DEADLINE FOR 22/23 REQUESTS is by 5/31

GHSC Payment & Reimbursement requests are now processed on GHSC Toolkit using the online form provided on the main front page. Check out a step by step video on how to submit a Reimbursement Request HERE.

1. Go to: and log in.

2. Please click on the GHSC Payment and Reimbursement Form link.

3. Be sure to have a photo or scan of all your receipts or invoices before completing the online form.

4. Complete the online form. Please make sure to read the instructions on the form and follow the directions on the email confirmation for your request. 

If you are having problem with the online form or accessing GHSC Toolkit, please email If you have questions about your request that has been submitted, please make sure your forwarded your email confirmation to your second signatory. If you forwarded the confirmation, please contact