Guadalupe Traffic Guidelines

The Traffic Safety has created the following guidelines of problems we have seen time to time during Drop-Off and Pick-up times. Please note that all drop-off and pick-up zones, are AIRPORT-STYLE Traffic. Always pull forward and students must exit along the curb. If you would like to help with the Traffic Safety Team and improve and promote safety, please email the current Traffic Safety Chair ( )

  • NO PARKING in Drop-Off/Pick-up Zones during the drop-off pick-up windows. We are aware the city signs are not current. Please note and Sandwich signs posted on the curb.
  • PULL FORWARD: Be sure to pull forward to drop off your student as close to the gate.
  • NEIGHBOR DRIVEWAYS: Do not obstruct any driveway when parking. 
  • PARKING LOT EXIT: Do not use the EXIT as an entrance.
  • EXIT PASSENGER SIDE ALWAYS: Students should exit a vehicle on the passenger/curbside ONLY. 
  • NO U-TURNS: Please do not perform u-turns on Coleman Drive and Ver Cruz Drive at all times.
  • CROSSWALKS: All students must use the CROSSWALK at all times. Traffic Safety stresses this because someday, your student will be walking home or to your car on their own.
  • RED CURBS: Parking or stopping to drop in a red zone is dangerous and illegal.
  • STOP SIGNS: Please notice the Vera Cruz/Puerta Vallarta intersection has 3 stop signs.
  • NO PARKING on COLEMAN: Do not park across the street on Coleman & jaywalk with a student.
  • DOUBLE PARKING TO DROP OFF: Please do not double park your car to drop off your student on any street. Students should be dropped off at the CURB ONLY. 
  • WALK KINDERS TO GATE: Kinder Parents, please walk your student to the KINDER GATE for drop-off and pick them up at the gate. Please do not pull into the parking lot drop-off/pick-up line and have your student-run to/from the GATE or get out of/leave your car parked in the car line. 
  • NO LEFT-HAND TURNS INTO PARKING LOT: Left-hand turns are prohibited during Drop-Off & Pick-up. A sign is posted at the parking lot entrance but does not include the new pick-up time.
  • OBSERVE MARKED CURBS: We see an increase of parents illegally parking or dropping their students off along the red curbs on Vera Cruz Drive. There is plenty of parking in the neighborhood.
  • PARENTS REMAIN IN CAR WHEN USING TRAFFIC LINE: Parents who use the traffic lane for drop-off or a pick-up must remain in the car. Please make necessary adjustments for your student to exit the car on their own.