Why We Raise Money

The GHSC is responsible for funding SIX major educational programs for Guadalupe’s students which fall outside of the school’s budget. By funding AR, Art Vistas, Ceramics, Project Cornerstone, Recess 101, and Starting Arts our students can experience art, music, and physical education. The majority of our budget for the 2020/2021 school year goes directly to fund these essential programs.

The GHSC also hosts community events each year to bring Guadalupe families together. We kick off each year with the Ice Cream Social in the fall, the Winterfest event to celebrate reading in early December, the School Carnival in the spring, and two family picnics. With distance learning and large crowd events restricted, some of these events will be effected in the 20/21 school year.

Classroom Giving Drive

The classroom giving drive is held at the beginning of school and is completely separate from the GHSC budget. Money raised from the classroom giving drive funds field trips and classroom spending specific to YOUR child’s class. A small portion also goes to support these school wide programs: the STEAM Lab, Safety Patrol, Mileage Club, special assemblies, and extra books for the Library. You can make Giving Drive donation now on GHSC TOOLKIT. For more detailed information on your Classroom Giving Drive amount, click on the grade listed below.


The annual Guadalupe WALKATHON is hosted by GHSC and helps raise a large portion of our annual budget. We look to students and their families to go out to the community via email, social media, or simply knocking on doors to ask pledges or simple donation to the GHSC. Click on the Walkathon icon below for more details.

Main Fundraisers


Ongoing Fundraisers